Amazing things are happening

in the world of brewing and distilling

In a great many industries the bigger players are gobbling up the small fry, leaving consumers with less choice. In the sphere of brewing and distilling, the opposite is happening. Micro-breweries and distilleries are springing up everywhere, producing a fabulous and imaginative array of beverages. Nibbling away at the previously solid, massive market share of the big boys. Not that the behemoths of the industry are going to be in trouble any time soon. The important point is - there is so much more out there.

Another obvious modern day trend is the rise of on-line shopping married with the fact that a lot more people are tending to stay at home for their entertainment; be it with friends and/or family, or on their own. 

Some simply pick up the same old drinks at the supermarket.

Not a problem if you're not picky, and there has been a notable improvement in the range on the shelves, but there is not a supermarket in the land offering more than a tiny slice of the vast array of drinks out there.

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Whatever the reasons for staying in and ordering your refreshment on line, the fact remains that this is what is happening.

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Our research indicated that there are already a few magazines dedicated to the world of leisure beverages, but that most were inclined to push the case for strolling down to your pub for draught beers etc. This is an experience we all still enjoy here at B&C, but again, as with the supermarket, it limits your choice given the variety that now exists.


Bottles & Cans Magazine is not another zymologist's (zymology being the science of fermentation) thesis, not another heavily, jargon filled encyclopaedic tome. It is simply an everyman's/every-woman's friendly read, exploring the delights of a most enthusiastic, inventive, delightfully surprising sector. Taking the hand of the potential adventurer and leading them respectfully forward to a better and more varied experience. Opening doors to new joys and hoping everyone feels welcome.