Reach out to thousands of online purchasers

The August issue of Bottles & Cans is live online and being delivered in print  


The August issue of Bottles & Cans Magazine is being distributed nationwide, free of charge to online purchasers of Beers of Europe products via their delivery boxes. 


If you have a product you sell from a website, there is no better audience you could advertise to than a readership made up of people who have just taken delivery of an online purchase.




If you have an advertising budget to spend you will want to know who is going to be on the receiving end of the advertising you place.

At B&C we are very clear who our target audience is, we are catering for people over the age of 18 years united by the common activity of ordering online.

We know they order online, because that is how they receive their copy of the magazine. It doesn't get better than that.

Supplying artwork for the magazine 


Advertisements should be supplied as PDF files
All fonts must be outlined, embedded or supplied.

Images must be supplied/embedded at 300dpi, CMYK.

All colours should be CMYK, no spot colours. 


Size options

Double page spread

420 x 297mm + 3mm Bleed


Full page

210 x 297mm + 3mm Bleed


Half page vertical:

100 x 297mm + 3mm Bleed


Half page horizontal:

210 x 147mm + 3mm Bleed


Quarter page horizontal

Horizontal 210 x 75mm

+ 3mm Bleed


Quarter page vertical

100 x 147mm + 3mm Bleed



Text Area - We advise that you inset text 6mm from the edges of the page.


If several months advertisements are supplied at one time, each of the advertisements should be a separate file, not several pages of a single file.

Free Design Work

Our art department can design adverts for you, or make changes to your existing artwork. As well as producing your advert we would gladly supply you with a PDF of the design to use elsewhere.


Advertisement Charges


Send files via email or “Mail Big File” or similar to:

Bottles & Cans Magazine reserve the right to refuse any advert at any time.

Web Adrvertising

We will be expanding our web advertising in the future. At this point in time we have a row of button ad spaces available at the top of the page. Price to be arranged on application.

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