Half Price Advert available with Bottles & Cans Magazine and Beers of Europe


Norfolk Through and Through

Beers of Europe are super keen to bring more people to the wonderful county of Norfolk, a place they love dearly and feel passionate about. If the Clark family, were a stick of rock, they would have ‘I Love Norfolk’ written through the centre! They already know and love most of the local attractions and frequently direct visitors. They cherish the breweries and distilleries, making sure they have their own special Norfolk zone within their shop. 

Beers of Europe, approached us to put together this special promotional feature in Bottles & Cans Magazine, to do more than just bring people to their shop, but to shout NORFOLK from the rooftops and celebrate all the great things to do and see in the county. They are so confident of reaching their nationwide audience that they are paying for half of the entire 6-8 page article. The feature will run for six months and sign up for the whole period is required.



The feature will be included in six issues of Bottles & Cans Magazine, which will be delivered to a nationwide, internet savvy, adult audience. It will also be featured in Beers of Europe and Bottles & Cans newsletters and will be heavily featured on both websites. We will be seeking to use prizes and promotions to encourage further traffic to engage with this feature in print and online.


We have included an impression of how the feature will look. We will design an advert for you free of charge if you would like to use it, or you can supply your own design. The advert size is 80mm H x 45mm W for £50 per month (£300 in total for a full the six months) alternatively, if you have more to say for, £90 (£540 in total for a full the six months) you can have a double space which would be a vertical space of 97mm H x 80mm W, or horizontally. 177mm H x 45mm H. If you need more than that, just give us a call and we will work out a favourable price.

Free Artwork

We need your finished ad by the 10th of May to start your run in the June issue.

We would ask that if you are designing your own advertisement that you stick to the square corner shape for the integrity of the feature.

If you would like us to design your ad we can free of charge for all artwork or alterations regardless of size.

Any advertisement designed by us will be made available to you in full resolution for use in any other publication, website or... you name it.


Be a part of it!

Please reply to Stuart at stuart@bottlesandcans.co.ukor call 07518 206820Now


Bottles & Cans Magazine is delivered free of charge to thousands of Beers of Europe customers every month.

The magazine is also viewed online by an ever growing band of subscribers. 


It is safe to say that this nationwide readership consists almost completely of web-savvy adults with money to spend online. 

It doesn’t get better than that!

Stuart Catterson.