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Beers of Europe and Bottles & Cans Magazine Think Inside the Box


Britain’s Biggest Beer Shop, Beers of Europe (BofE). and Bottles & Cans Magazine (B&C) are proud to announce their exciting new business partnership. 


Currently an on-line magazine, B&C will go to print beginning with the 2019 February edition. This will be added each month to the many thousands of BofE customer orders, free of charge, as well as being available in the BofE shop. This is a win-win: BofE get to provide added value for their customers and B&C instantly gain access to a wide distribution network.


Editor of B&C, Stuart Catterson, said, “This is a massive boost for the magazine. BofE has a huge presence in the on-line beverage arena and have experienced exponential growth in the past year. They are an incredible success story and we are delighted to be working with them.” 


Stuart went on to say, “The unique feature of BofE is their incredibly wide range of drinks. The average large supermarket might be able to offer a range of a few hundred drinks, but go to BofE and you can choose from over 5000 different options, either in person or on-line. And now it just gets better because you will get a copy of B&C!”


Jason Clark, from BofE, said, “B&C is a fresh new magazine that hits just the right note for our customers. We are really excited to be working alongside the B&C team. We care deeply about customer satisfaction and see the inclusion of B&C as a great way to give our customers a little something extra to enjoy with their drinks.”


Furthermore, Jason commented, “There are many publications out there catering for people who like to go out and about for their entertainment and enjoyment, whereas B&C champions the cause of the growing number of people for whom staying in is the new going out. They have four decades of experience in the magazine industry and are also a part of that staying in tribe.”


So what can readers expect from the new B&C magazine? well, B&C is not solely aimed at those who consider themselves to be experts in the field of alcoholic beverages. This is for the vast majority, who are increasing enjoying a tipple in their own home. Many of whom are adventurous folk who shop at BofE because they want to access a wider variety of drinks, getting the party delivered to them. If you are adventurous and ready to take your taste buds for a walk on the wild side in the comfort of your own home, then this is the magazine for you. It is simply an everyman or woman’s friendly read, opening doors to new joys and making everyone feel welcome. 


You can expect to: 

  • find out how the people of the world relax at home, 

  • read about the ‘History of Booze’, 

  • test your general knowledge,

  • cook it up with the easy to follow recipes, 

  • check out the ‘Soakage’ articles for some hot tips on tasty nibbles, 

  • follow ‘The Tasty Adventures of Beerman’ (their beer empowered superhero), 

  • keep up to date with what is going on in the world of brewing and distilling,

  • enter competitions offering opportunities to win fabulous prizes.

You can find out more about B&C and read back issues of the magazine by visiting 

Contact B&C at or on 07518 206820


Browse a huge selection of drinks at or if you are in the area drop in - Garage Lane, Setchey, King’s Lynn, Norfolk. PE33 0BE or telephone 01553 812000

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