So if staying in is the new going out, what does one wear?

Everyone is familiar with the following scenario; long day at work, you left home and in the dark and arrived home in the dark. You are exhausted and all you want to do is get out of your work gear, get into something comfy and warm. The sofa and a blanket are very appealing, along with a delectable bevy and the latest box set you are addicted to. Sometimes you just want to be alone, as a famous actress once said, but other times you want to chill out with friends or family. More and more, people are choosing to stay at home for their downtime and increasingly the world of fashion, entertainment and cuisine is catching onto this trend and working out how to meet our new needs.

There are several schools of thought on the approach to staying on trend and here at B&C we like to keep our finger on the pulse of high fashion. The first key question to ask yourself as you stare at your wardrobe is, is this a solo affair or will I have company. If your evening’s company involves you, you and you, then here are some fashion options to consider - pull on your favourite slouchy leggings/joggers and throw on your baggiest sweater or t-shirt and let it all hang out. You could also opt for your PJs or just your pants if you want to be a Pantsdurnk purest! This approach could be labelled ‘can’t be arsed’ or ‘same old, same old’.

If the answer to the question was that you have company joining you for your evening in then you must then analyse the type of company. For example, if your best buds are coming over then you could apply the same rules as above - this will not be your first evening in rodeo. If, however, the company is your boss and their partner, then you might want to consider a comfy, but somewhat smarter approach.

Interestingly, a quick browse of the high street and online retailers shows that ‘flop on the sofa’ fashion is now available if your old comfy gear is not up to scratch then now you can find the ultimate staying in outfits. Just to prove that we are not making this up, check out fashion site, Man Repeller and their ‘sleepleisure’ range, and Les Girls Les Boys, who describe themselves as ‘street to bed’. Who knew that the mum you see at the school gates in her PJs with a dressing gown casually slung over the top was actually bang on trend!

Maybe you’re a stay at home Dad. Not a person often given a lot of consideration. Well not any more. Just for you ‘The Dadventurer’ with comprehensive guidence on how to dress.

Here at B&C, we suspect that staying in style should remain just that - for staying in.

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