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Here’s the science bit

Alcohol hits your stomach and then defuses through the walls of the stomach - no soakage first and you will find your capacity greatly reduced. The ideal pre-booze soakage has a high fat content because it slows down the passage of food through the stomach - something like an egg mayo or a cheese and something sandwich could do the trick. So, you’ve hit the first round and it’s time to top up the soakage - grab a bag of nuts and help your system top up with B vitamins - you give them a right hammering when you drink. So post blow out and you need to ensure that your soakage levels remain high - try to aim for something that is not going to lie too heavily on the stomach - some protein and watch the carbs!

Every Issue we will point you in the direction of what we think is a tasty treat.

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It was at the London Beer Festival in August that we first came across Howdah. Father and daughter had set up a small stand there. They’re not daft, they know their snacks would be the perfect accompaniment to a pint of whatever you fancy.

A little way into doing the rounds and I was ready for a nibble. I stopped for a tasting session and was knocked out by the intense flavours and the crisp and crunchy textures. While I chomped away, Falu told me the story of the fabulous snacks and the great cause they support. It was a while ago now, but I don’t forget something that tickles my tastebuds that way in a hurry.

Onion Bhaji

Golden tumeric gives natural colour to the Onion Bhaji’s.

The taste of sweet onions combined with herbs, spices and Indian flours, creating a crunchy snack exploding with flavour!

A popular street food originating from

Maharastra in Western India.

Peppered Banana Chips

Light and delicious banana chips, dusted with black pepper and cumin, an exotic alternative to potato crisps.

They originate from the humid andtropical climate of the southern state of Kerala.

Bombay Puri

Mini Indian flat breads are traditional to their Indian recipe and are coated with the spices of turmeric, red chilli and salt.

Originating from the state of Gujarat, they are a staple part of an Indian diet.

Bakarwadi Bites

Bakarwadi Bites are tiny, savoury pastries, rolled and filled with a blend of spices. The warm flavours of coriander, cumin, fennel and red chilli make these a taste sensation!

Originating from Maharashtra in Western India, a region know for it’s culinar diversity.

Peanut Pakoras

Roasted peanuts wrapped in a spicy, masala rich crisp case. Infused with ground spices of chilli, nutmeg, black pepper, cardamon and black salt.

Originate from Maharastra in western India - a region renowned

for it’s fresh produce.

Masala Banana Chips

Crispy banana chips are coated in

a subtle blend of warm spices, with

a hint of chilli.

This savoury snack originates from Southern Kerala, where the bananas thrive in a humid and tropical climat.

Not only do they taste fabulous, but buying Howdah snacks supports a really great cause


To create their snacks, they travelled extensively across India and for Falu and family each visit ended with an overwhelming urge to make the business do more. They concluded that social entrepreneurship is the most efficient route to address the inequalities across the world. This is when #Howdah1for1 was born. They hope to grow Howdah into a Sustainable Giving Business.

How do they give ?

For every bag of Howdah Snacks (100g bag) Howdah sell, they give back a mid-day meal to school children.

They are curently working with the world renowned NGO, Akshay Patra Foundation, who is their Giving Partner in India.

They also work with local chairties in Mancheste,r such as The Real Junk Project, where they give away our snacks on a regular basis.

What is the impact of Mid-day school meal?

In poor areas giving Midday School Meals encourages parents to send their children to school.

It prevents children from working, instead encouraging them to study and get educated.

Research shows more girls are getting into education as a result of mid-day school meals.

This wholesome meal is often the only source of nutrition for the whole day for many children.

Howdah say

“Help us reach our 1 million mid-day meal goal:

We really want to give away 1 million mid-day school meals over next 12 months! Help us by either buying some Howdah, or get in touch here with your ideas!”

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