Beers on a Plane

Drinking on an aeroplane is a fairly controversial topic at the moment, with many arguing that too many passengers can’t handle the excitement of flying and having alcohol available and then causing problems for other passengers. That aside, many do enjoy a measured approach to alcohol when travelling and beer lovers are being let down by an appalling lack of choice. Of course, it must be said that there are many airlines out there and some are better than others. The options appear too frequently to be limited to one or two lagers - usually from the big boys in the industry. It could be argued that beer is not a glamorous drink and the real thought goes into what the business and first class passengers are going to be tempted by. On the other hand, beer, like food does taste different at 30,000 feet. Interesting things happen to your nasal passages - they dry up in the low humidity environment and this impacts the taste buds, making them less sensitive to sweet and salty flavours. Beer, therefore can taste too bitter. Combine this with the fact that carbonation also works differently when flying at 30,000 feet, meaning beer has a different texture. Does this all add up to the conclusion that any beer is going to taste off so why bother with a vast and more discerning selection? Not at all, some airlines are getting with the programme and realising that there are a lot of craft beer drinking passengers and they want choice. We are happy to report that amongst the growing number of airlines getting on board are, Delta, Virgin America, Jet Blue and Southwest.

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