How Much!

This is a story for Ripley’s Believe it or Not. Feeling a little flush, a bit of cash burning a hole in your pocket? No problem, head over to Harvey Nichols where you can now buy what is believed to be the most expensive gin in the world. Gird your loins folks; the Morus LXIV made by Jam Jar Gin, costs an eye watering £4000 for a set of two jars - a 70cl and a 3cl. at 64% ABV. There are only 25 of the larger bottle available and they take 2 years to make. This spectacular gin is distilled from the leaves on ‘ancient’ Mulberry tree (the Morus Nigra). Each leave is handpicked and individually dried by a husband and wife team, Dan and Faye Thwaites, and they bottle the gin in hand made porcelain jars. The Bottle and Cans team would love to be able to tell you how it tastes, but unfortunately we’re not feeling that flush this month!

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