The world of cider has ancient roots, but its history has not always been well known. In recent years, cider has been attracting more followers, which may be due to the expansion in cider flavour fusions. If you haven’t explored cider yet, or perhaps have only had supermarket cider, it is time to find out more; do a little digging and you will find a whole world of cider that has been, in some circles, a beloved and celebrated drink with roots that can be traced back for centuries. You can even visit the cider museum if you really get into cider. The National Association of Cider Makers (NACM) have teamed up with the Cider Museum. You can start to explore this world.

Want to know more then, you can see their video on http://cideruk.com/celebrating-the-history-of-cider/. The NACM website says that their video, “… tells the stories of four parts of their collection, looking at some of the key moments in the history of our favourite drink.”

Times have changed and the world of cider has become considerably more interesting and more importantly, more widely available via the supermarket and the internet. The secret world of cider is no longer a secret. The word is out and we can’t get enough of the stuff. According to the Westons 2018 Cider Report, the wider market of ciders are on the increase, white cider is suffering a crash, but the rise of the fruity cider, now represents a third of all cider sales. This is quite staggering given that just ten years ago it represented only 1%.

So, what more can we uncover about the dramatic increase in popularity of cider amongst the general public. The Grocer Magazine asked Harris Interactive to conduct a survey for them. A key finding was that, “Cider is a fairly popular alcoholic drink amongst consumers, with over 6 in 10 stating that it is something they drink.” It also found that fruit and flavoured ciders are on the rise. Wholesaler, Bestway, conducted research early in 2018 and uncovered a massive 93% of shoppers in their survey had a negative perception of white cider. So compelling was the evidence, that it drove the wholesaler to rename their product ‘White Ace” to just ‘Ace’. Fruity flavours are on the up, according to the Harris research; “When it comes to flavours, summer berries are the most common flavour to have been previously tried by fruity cider drinkers. Meanwhile, consumers appear to be very receptive to trying different flavour options, with around three quarters saying they would be happy to try any of the flavours. This is consistent with only 1 in 10 (11%) stating that they do not try new flavours of cider, which is most common amongst older individuals (age 55+)” Weighing in on this topic, Heineken marketing director, Toby Lancaster, says. “There’s a growing trend of consumers looking to try something different and experiment with flavour profiles. We’re seeing a lot of consumers looking to experiment particularly with familiar flavours that have a twist of the unknown.”

There are all sorts of flavours out there for you to dabble with from strawberry to kiwi and a variety of combos, from Snails Bank Fruit Bat Cider, Annings Elderflower And Cucumber Fruit Cider, Bramley And Gage Slider Fruit Cup to Garden Cider Plum And Ginger, all of which are available from beersofeurope.co.uk

Thinking that the cider world has been so busy with flavours that it hasn’t realised some of you might want a low or no option, don’t, because these apple and pear geniuses have thought of you too. Kopparberg have a light range, as do Stowford Press, Sheppy’s and Rekorderlig and that’s the tip of the ice-berg.

So, can this awesome trend continue? Brand manager Holly Chadwick, says, “There’s been substantial interest in fruity cider nationwide, and we expect it to account for just under 50% of all cider sold within the next five years.”

If you haven’t dipped your toes into the new world of cider, then Tryanuary is the perfect time for you to go for a swim and see what tickles your fancy!




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