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Mixing two great ways to relax

The world of beauty treatments and pampering goodies was long the preserve of the ladies, but no longer: this is an equal opportunities domain these days. For many, downtime and finding ways to relax, can include having a massage, popping on a face-pack or sinking into a hot bubble bath with some luxurious concoction to ease away your stress. Now, you can combine this tried and tested method of de-stressing with alcohol. Yes, I know you are probably thinking; actually I have been known to combine these two things anyway, but we are not talking about enjoying a glass of wine whilst in the bath.

If you have some cash to splash, you could try the latest big thing - wine facials that promise to combat premature ageing. Stop giggling; this is not an April Fool’s joke, this is science!!! Vinotherapy (see, science) utilises left over wine in its products and treatments. And now for the science bit - apparently, the active ingredient is the polyphenol found in grapes which its claimed can stimulate the circulation and have a detoxifying action on the skin. If you fancy trying this in a spa environment, be prepared to dig deep, with prices ranging from £245 to £295 at Ella Di Rocco.

Once you stop spluttering about the price, there are alternatives. A quick web search and you will find a plethora of cheaper products and homemade options. You could use your left over dregs in a footbath. That seems to involve an awful lot of left over wine - does anyone ever have that much left over? Don’t fancy that, well what about a face pack. You can combine red wine, honey, yogurt and green tea for a rejuvenating experience. Alternatively, you could just drink the wine.

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