Drinking Coffee Linked to Improved Rosacea

A drink that many of us reach for during the day, often frequently, now might have added benefits if you are a sufferer of rosacea. Drinking at least four cups of the stuff could help reduce your risk of developing rosacea. The NHS reviewed the data which originated from an ongoing US Nurses’ Health Study. They reviewed this partly because of the way that it was reported in the media. The NHS analysis of the American study concluded that the findings, “adds to the evidence looking at how coffee or caffeine consumption may be linked to rosacea.

Contrary to other studies suggesting that it may be a trigger for rosacea, this study finds the reverse. It doesn’t prove that coffee is protective against rosacea, but the results are interesting. The study shows a clear dose-response – that is, the more coffee people drank, the lower the risk.”

More at https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/rosacea/self-help

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