Fever-Tree Hit New Heights with Record Sales in 2018

Fever-Tree continue to go from strength to strength, reporting another year of record revenue in a trading update prior to their official report due for release in March. In this update, the company put their success down to an: “outstanding summer trading period” and then strong trading figures in the lead up to Christmas and through to New Year. Fever-Tree became the number one mixer (according to value) in January last year, snatching the pole position from Schweppes. The company is not just thriving in the UK; the trading update reveals successes in the US and Europe.

Fever-Tree did not rest on their laurels last year after nabbing that top spot. In March 2018 they introduced a further 8 varieties to their low calorie range and later in September they released a citrus tonic in conjunction with the Tequila brand, Patrón. The tonic was especially designed to partner Patrón by using Mexican limes, tangerines and bitter oranges.

Tim Warrillow, co-founder and CEO of Fever-Tree commented on the company’s success, saying: “Drinking habits are changing. The rise of premium spirits and the advent of premium mixers has reinvigorated and re-established the quality and enjoyment of the long-mixed drink, be it a gin & tonic, vodka & ginger beer or whiskey & ginger ale to name but a few. Fever-Tree is at the forefront of this trend, broadening the appeal of the spirits category, drawing in new consumers and with it providing a genuine alternative to the beer and wine occasion.”

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