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Environmentally Friendly Move by Kellogg’s as They Launch Beer Made from Leftover Corn Flakes

In a laudable move to lessen the impact of disposing of leftover Corn Flakes that are not suitable for consumption in the cereal, Kellogg’s is releasing a beer called The Throw Away IPA , which is made by Seven Brothers Brewery in Manchester. Alison Watson, from Seven Brothers Brewery in Salford, told The Metro: ‘Seven Brothers Brewery is delighted to be working with Kellogg’s on a project which uses edible but not-sellable cereal.”

Not only is the beer a step towards a greener future, but 10p from each can sold will be donated to the food distribution charity, Fareshare.

The corporate social responsibility manager for Kellogg’s UK, Kate Prince, said: ‘Kellogg’s is always exploring different and sustainable ways to reduce food waste in its factories. So it is great to be involved in such a fun initiative with a local supplier. Kellogg’s is working hard to eliminate food waste in our manufacturing processes and give our consumers the wholesome products they love with minimum impact on the planet. Our approach has delivered a 12.5% reduction on food waste in our UK sites this year.’

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