New Line of Alcohol Free Drinks Launched by Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola have launched a brand new alcohol free range called Bar None, which features a Sangria, Bellini Spritz, Spiced Ginger Mule and Dr Aged Cider. They are aimed at a more grown up audience, who are looking for a non alcoholic option, but have grown tired of the soft drinks options currently available. Only ten months after the concept was born and bottle are in production, using the tag-line, “all the spirit without the spirits”. The creators of Bar None explain the idea’s inception: “We aren’t teetotallers – but totally cool if you are – we just found ourselves chatting about not wanting to drink as often, or as much, as we had before. And it seemed like the only options for us to choose from were club soda and lime or a handful of non-alcoholic beers. When in a cocktail state of mind, we wanted something sip-able, delightfully complex and interesting, and definitely not an overly sweet mocktail.” Each of the drinks has the added benefit of only being between 70-130 calories, which is great for anyone also watching the calorie consumption as well as their alcohol intake.

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