Nitro Pepsi - A World First

Exciting news from Pepsi as they have confirmed that they are developing Nitro Pepsi. Whilst they have given no release date, what we do know is that the drink will feature, “velvety, cascading foam” and two flavours will be available; their signature cola and vanilla. In their press release, they refer to Pepsi Nitro as the first soft drink to be nitrogen infused. There have been a number of beers featuring nitrogen, but the same infusion technique has not yet reportedly been seen in a cola drink. In an interview with Food and Wine, Pepsi’s VP of Marketing, Todd Kaplan, said: “Cola has been the same for 125 years as a category and, yeah, there’s been changes in flavour and packaging, things of that sort, but the idea of carbonation has never really come off of it because it’s so identifiable with soda.”

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