Hidden Beer Treasure

In what could be described as every builder’s dream, the workers on a construction site that was once Denmark’s oldest brewery, Odin Brewery, in Viborg, found a crate of beer that had lain hidden under floor boards for more than 100 years. Dan Ersted Møller, Viborg Museum curator, told DR Nyheder, that the bottles were unopened and, “in exquisite condition with corks and labels intact.” Møller went on to say: “It looks like an entire palette of beer from back then. We have bottles from the Odin Brewery at the museum, but none with any content.” The builders also found a letter with the crate, which is dated March 20, 1906, and reads: “The old floor was removed by master carpenter Niels Nielsen and a new floor was added. As we don’t know how long this floor will last, these words and some bottles of beer we brew these days will be put under the floor.” This extraordinary letter was penned by Odin’s headbrewer at the time, C.E. Pehrsson. One can only imagine that he thought he was leaving a beer time capsule for future beer lovers to stumble upon. The brewery finally closed in 1988.

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