First Wine and Now Coffee Reaches for the Stars

The Coffee Roasting Capsule has been designed for one purpose; to produce the perfectly roasted coffee bean in outer space. We are delighted to hear that now our coffee needs will be taken care of as man reaches for the stars thanks to entrepreneurs Anders Cavallini and Hatem Alkhafaji, who have proposed The Coffee Roasting Capsule’s bean busting flight. The notion is that the heat generated by the re-entry will roast the beans whilst they are floating inside a pressurised tank. In a recent issue of Room, a space journal, Cavallini and Alkhafaji claim that their proposed roasting method will roast the bean evenly all over, producing the perfect coffee. In the journal they claim that the problem with roasting coffee beans on Earth is that the gravity causes the beans to tumble and break apart, resulting in an uneven roast. With their method, they state: “But if gravity is removed, the beans float around in a heated oven, giving them 360 degrees of evenly distributed heat and roasting to near perfection.”

The idea remains, at this stage, just an idea as the entrepreneurs have yet to secure a suitable launcher. The pair are based in Dubai, where they say they plan to sell the first cup of coffee made with their space roasted technique. No price has yet to be mentioned, but B&C expect it is not likely to be cheap.

Meanwhile, the intrepid astronauts at the International Space Station have got their coffee needs sorted thanks to the Italian aerospace company Argotec and the Italian coffee company Lavazza. The two companies collaborated to build the ISSpresso, in 2015. Italian astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti was the first to sample the marvel of the ISSpresso and she tweeted: “Coffee: the finest organic suspension ever devised.”

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