Portobello Road and Mark Knopfler Launch Latest ‘Local Hero’

Instead of making beautiful music, the Dire Straits’ frontman, Mark Knopfler is momentarily putting down his guitar to partner up with Portobello Road Distillery to develop the third gin in their ‘Local Heroes’ series. This new collaboration is a gin flavoured with olive oil. Mark worked with Portobello Road Gin’s co-founder, Jake F. Burger, to create a new gin, combining Portobello Road Gin’s nine signature botanicals with lime zest, fresh cucumber peel and olive oil. As well as the launch of No.3, Mark is celebrating the opening of a new musical adaptation of Local Hero, which Mark has composed. Talking about his experience with Portobello Road Gin, Mark said: “As a gin fan, it is a wonderful opportunity to work with a prestigious brand like Portobello Road Gin to craft my own blend. This project allowed us to share our vision and I’m incredibly proud of the results. It is robust in flavour and strong in spice – exactly the kind of gin that I enjoy and I hope my fans will too.”

Portobello have a reputation for exploring unconventional flavours; from smoked gin to an expression distilled with turkey breast and now olive oil. Notice the headband on the top of the bottle.

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