Westerham’s Spitfire Design

Westerham Brewery announces new Spitfire van design to celebrate its 15th anniversary and commemorate the 75th anniversary of the D-Day Landings with a photo shoot at the Biggin Hill Heritage Hangar.

The new van design features a modified Spitfire to make it appear as though the drivers are piloting the legendary aircraft when driving. The design will also incorporate the “Modification XXX Depth Charges” - auxiliary fuel tanks used to fly Westerham ales to the British troops stationed in France during the Second World War.

The connection between Westerham ales and Spitfires dates back to the Second World War, when Westerham’s ales were popular with young airmen stationed at nearby RAF Biggin Hill. Following the D-Day landings, Westerham Ales were exported to troops in Normandy inside the auxiliary fuel tanks of Spitfires. They were dubbed “Modification XXX Depth Charges” to get them officially approved for flights.

Westerham Brewery brews a 4% ABV 9-hop Pale Ale named “Spirit of Kent” after the Spitfire housed at the Biggin Hill Heritage Hangar. Spirit of Kent is available in cask and bottles, with the latter certified gluten-free and vegan-friendly (as are almost all Westerham Brewery bottled, canned, and keg beers).

Westerham Brewery used Edenbridge-based brand production company Raccoon to print and install the new van liveries. Richard Clark, MD at Raccoon says: “We were so delighted to be contacted by Westerham Brewery to wrap their new delivery vans. The van livery is so vibrant and portrays such a rich history, and the unmistakable Spitfire design is iconic and eye catching. Although nothing can compare with the anticipation of the ale being transported by a Spitfire all those years ago, we do hope that these new vans will nonetheless create a buzz wherever they travel!”

Westerham Brewery was established by Robert Wicks in 2004, picking up where the Black Eagle Brewery left off after its closure in 1965 and continuing a long heritage of brewing in Westerham. Westerham Brewery has revived many of the much-loved flavours of the old Black Eagle Brewery, using water from its own borehole into the Greensand Aquifer, and re-cultured yeast from the old brewery.

The Brewery uses only traditionally floor-malted barley supplied by Crisp Malting of Fakenham, Norfolk. Westerham Brewery is also proud to use Kent hops, developing a close relationship with local hop growers. In fact, 96% of the hops used by the Brewery are grown in Kent.


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