Gin with Tail

A new gin has been launched from a distillery on the Isle of Wight. Mermaid Gin is the first gin to be distilled on the island and is described as being, “refreshing and invigorating”. The bottle is beautifully designed with turquoise scales. The website states: “Mermaid Gin makes the perfect G&T; smooth and refreshing with a citrus zing, deep, rounded mouth feel, long finish and a hint of sea air. Mermaid gin is so smooth and enjoyable its seductive flavours can be enjoyed without drowning it in tonic.” Mermaid gin is made with only ten botanical ingredients, and flavours, including lemon zest, peppery grains and rock samphire. Currently, a bottle costs £39.50, but if you buy two you get free juniper berries thrown in.

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