Now You Can Learn About Talisker Whiskey with Alexa

The multinational beverage company, Diageo, have created an Alexa Skill (currently only available in the UK), which allows users to learn all about Talisker whiskey. Customers are taken on an audio journey designed to educate them about the skill of whiskey tasting. The skill is called Talisker Tasting Experience and it allows customers to learn more about one of three different Talisker whiskeys; Talisker Skye, Talisker Storm, or Talisker 10-year-old Single Malt. After the audio journey, the programme prompts users to ask questions.

Benjamin Lickfett, Diageo’s Head of Technology and Innovation, said: “Talisker is a brand with an extremely rich heritage, produced by the sea on the Isle of Skye. When approaching this project, we were looking to bring elements of this location and the fantastic tasting tours at the Talisker Distillery into people’s homes. Voice is the perfect technology to do just this and provide an enhanced brand experience by putting the consumer, product, and brand at the center of tasting, in a completely seamless and non-intrusive way.” Photo Credit: Diageo

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