Frenchman Makes Transatlantic Crossing in Giant ‘Wine’ Barrel

Transatlantic crossings are not new news unless, of course, you are 72 year old, French adventurer, Jean-Jacques Savin, who set sail on the 26th December 2018 from the Canary Islands in a three metre long wine barrel. Not only did he go in a unique vehicle, he intended to make the crossing without sails or motors or even human powered oars. This extraordinary crossing was sponsored by numerous French tonnelleries (coopers) and other companies. His 3,125-nautical-mile voyage took him 127 days. The last stage of his journey saw him aided by a Dutch oil tanker, taking him to the island of Saint Eustatius, where after two days rest, a tug boat towed him to the French Caribbean island of Martinique. He passed the many days of solitude enjoying fishing, reading and playing his mandolin.


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