Red beer for Liverpool Launched by Carlsberg

Late last month, Carlsberg launched a bright red pilsner they brewed especially for Liverpool FC fans - the Carlsberg Liverpool FC Red Beer. This limited-edition beer, named Red Barley, is red from head to toe: the label, bottle and brew will all be red. The colour comes from a naturally red barley variety. The bottle commemorates the decision of manager, Bill Shankly, to play in an all red kit in 1964. “The beer is made for the fans, and will be distributed internationally through local pubs and competitions after launching at the match itself. It will be available in the UK, Denmark, Sweden, Vietnam, China, India, and Hong Kong, “among others,” said Carlsberg.

Birgitte Skadhauge, head of the Carlsberg research laboratory, said: “Unlike traditional red ales, the red colour of this pilsner comes from the outer-shell of the red barley variant – which has a relatively low climate-resistance and has therefore proved tricky to grow in the quantity we required for brewing. It’s taken over a year of experimentation, but we’re delighted that our team have finally been able to crack it.”

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