Old Mout Cider and WWF Announce Pledge to Protect Natural Habitat

An new initiative has been launched by Old Mout Cider and the World Wildlife Federation (WWF) aiming to protect half a million acres of habitat around the world. Old Mout have a strong sustainability agenda and this is their latest and most ambitious project so far. The New Zealand cider company have already prioritised the protection of their mascot and New Zealand icon, the kiwi. Now they hope their work with the WWF will improve the natural habitat of animals across the world. To highlight their work, a short film starring an adventurous kiwi has been created; he leaps out of his label and sets out to protect the habitats of other endangered species. He meets the WWF panda and their partnership is formed.

Naomi Hicks, the director of partnerships at WWF, said: “We are the first generation that knows we’re destroying the planet and could be the last that can do anything about it. Partnerships like this one are essential if we’re to halt and reverse nature’s decline. That’s why we’re delighted to be joining up with Old Mout to protect vital habitats like the Amazon. We’re looking forward to working together to inspire millions to join the fight for our world.”

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