Five Cases Raised £750,000 for Notre-Dame Repairs

At a London auction twenty five cases of limited edition cases of Mouton Rothschild have raised £750,000 for the Notre-Dame repair coffers. The money had originally been earmarked to support restoration work at the Palace of Versailles, however, the decision was taken by Mouton Rothschild and Versailles that the tragedy at Notre-Dame was more urgent. The auction was conducted by Sotherby’s and they reported after the event that each case “more than doubled” its opening bid and the average case price was higher than the £30,105 achieved per unit in Hong Kong earlier this month. Philippe Sereys de Rothschild, Chairman and CEO of Baron Philippe de Rothschild, said: “My family and I are proud to have, jointly with Versailles, made the decision to donate the proceeds of the sale of 25 of the limited-edition Versailles Celebration Cases, which raised over £750,000 in London today, to the Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris. Following tragic recent events, we are honoured to contribute towards the reconstruction efforts of this national landmark that is an integral part of our French history.” The sale of the final set of 25 cases in New York next month will be for the benefit of Versailles as originally intended.

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