Stone the Crows! It’s Simon Martin

The Man Behind Real Ale Guide

We are absolutely delighted to be welcoming Simon Martin to B&C, who will be contributing some of his unique reviews from his Real Ale Guide. In case, you haven’t seen Simon on his Real Ale Guide YouTube channel (not sure how you have missed him, as his is one of the most popular channels), here’s the low-down before he hits the ground running next month.

Naturally, Simon is a big beer fan and he has made it his mission to share his bottle and canned beer reviews with the world. He films in his kitchen and, such is his popularity, brewers are falling over themselves to send him beer to review.

Simon’s life changed when he received the Real Ale Guide book from his brother-in-law, for Christmas in 2009. Having always had a keen interest in beers that were just a tad different, he liked to know more about what he was drinking. A google search one day introduced him to a video reviewer and the rest, as they say, is history.

At the time we were writing this, Simon was flying to Wroclaw, Poland and drinking Alebrowar Easy Pale Ale Mosaic.

Check out his review -

Simon has come a long way since his first review; a bottle of England’s Gold, from the Badger Brewery. In his own words, he says: “It’s like something from the 1970s.” At the time, the studio equipment consisted of a webcam, followed by a mobile phone video, balanced on a sponge for stability. It didn’t matter, as the fans liked what they saw. Soon a video camera was on the scene and the number of followers just kept increasing.

A critical point in the journey was when Simon was featured in the influential American Public House Review. Suddenly, the YouTube numbers took off, as both sides of the pond were hooked and now Real Ale Guide is what YouTube call a partner; users offering a unique and high quality level of content, as well as hitting a specific number of hits and subscribers. Simon receives invitations to open pubs, attend events and festivals - and now he will be a regular in B&C. Simon is not always a solo act, sometimes you will find him accompanied by his wife, Mel, who also reviews beer, having come out from behind the camera. Mel provides a unique female perspective on beer.

So, if you haven’t been to Real Ale Guide yet, there are 300 reviews for you to peruse and get yourself familiar with before the next issue.

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