Brewdog Sued Over Sex Discrimination on Punk IPA Discount

Brewdog ran a discount promotion of Pink IPA in 2018, in a bid to highlight the gender pay gap. This was a re-branding of the flagship Punk IPA. Brewdog launched it on International Women’s Day with a tongue-in-cheek strapline labelling it “beer for girls”. The intention was to serve as a “clarion call to close the gender pay gap in the UK and around the world and to expose sexist marketing to women, particularly within the beer industry.” Sadly, things didn’t work out quite as planned. To go with the launch, Brewdog also offered Punk IPA with a 20% discount for women at its UK bars on 8th March 2018.

When Dr Thomas Bower went to Brewdog Cardiff in March 2018 and tried to order a pint of “Pink IPA”, at the advertised reduced price of £4, he was declined because he was male. Bower said: “After a bit of back and forth, I felt forced to identify as female and was then able to get the drink for £4 – I complained to the company about this and they said it wasn’t discrimination because the price difference was part of a national campaign to raise awareness about the gender pay gap.”

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