Sparkling Sambuca Star

This cocktail recipe works easily with champagne or proseco. You can also use a sparkling wine or change it up with a rosé.



  1. 1 bottle of your chosen bubbly - super cold

  2. Half a shot of Banana Sambuca (shared between 4 glasses)

  3. 1 shot of white rum  (shared between 4 glasses)

  4. Banana, sliced

  5. Star anise


  1. Pour the bubbly into the glasses, ensuring you leave enough space for the sambuca and white rum.

  2. Add the sambuca and rum (remember this serves four)

  3. Add a garnish of banana and a star anise

  4. You can add a rim of demerara sugar.

Preparation Time - 5 minutes


Serves 2 - or four if it is a less intimate affair!

Lots of flavour

lots of alcohol