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The draw will be made on the 1st September 2019

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6 Heffen Heff Cans

When something is optimal, it has everything it needs and nothing it doesn’t. This witbier has the perfect amount of spices, wheat, and hops. Brewed in the traditional Belgian style, Optimal Wit is crisp and citrusy with layers of flavour that evolve in the glass. In addition to classic wit ingredients like Virginia-grown wheat, Spanish orange peels, and coriander, Port City brew Optimal Wit with Grains of Paradise, which adds a subtle peppery finish. It tastes like Sunshine and Happiness! 

6 Port City

Optimal Wit Bottles

Located in Aberdeen, Fierce Beer like strong, bold ‘in your face’ flavours and have delivered a range of beers that deliver on that promise. To ensure maximum flavour they only use natural ingredients, locally sourced wherever possible. Their beers are unpasteurised and brewed without fining chemicals, meaning they are suitable for vegetarians.

THe Joy of Six... Twice

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